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Age and marks

by John

Hi Peter,

Can you tell me something about the age and the marks on these vases.
Are these 19th century or later, and is this the mark of Tongzhi,on one of the vases?

You will find better photos on photobucket.

Thanks for your help

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age and marks
by: peter

These are typical late Qing dynasty items (Guangxu reign 1875-1908). Cannot give you an exact time, though.

The first mark is a shop mark "Fang Yucheng Hao", the second is a Tongzhi reign mark. The latter does not make it earlier, Tongzhi marks were also used in the Guangxu reign. The decoration is congruent to Guangxu...

The cylindrical item is either a brush holder or a incense stick holder, depending on size.

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