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Additional Information!

by Nauman Abid

I shall add a bit of info that I recall when back in the 90s a Chinese archeologist, historian saw & examined this rounded porcelain.

He explained a lot of regarding its history which I don’t forgot, but 2 things that I still remember that he said was that it is extremely ancient & worth at least 1 million at that time.

Hoping to hear from you regarding its history.


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Original post "History"
by: Snap

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This spherical vase was quite new when you purchased it. Do internet search to learn when porcelain was first made. Was not in 'extremely ancient' times.

by: Nauman

Hi there Peter,

It is not simply porcelain rather paper thin & the size is that of a baseball.

One similar to it was recently auctioned for 2 million.


by: Nauman

Hi there Peter,

Apologize about typing "glass", it is porcelain.


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