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A guideline on Chinese porcelain Seal and mark

by A Justday
(E. Amherst, NY )

As a collector of hundreds of rare Chinese porcelains, I would like to make some pertinent comment: When those noted Auction Houses in Britain and America took advantage of ancient Chinese porcelain pieces w/o the seal and mark as an excuse and openly sold many of fake stuff, I say "Confounded"!!!

There are some crude form of porcelains and ceramics made in Song and Yuan Dynasties...But, I doubt their auction worth...For few realizes the virtue of having a collectible Chinese antique...It is of importance to comprehend the fact that craftsmen of the day since late Ming began to impose (date) seal and mark on some polished porcelains with blue and red designs of animal form and floral scene with the dynasty before them..

And this tradition has been passed on and became even more popular in Qing Dynasty..It is the intricate design and super color makeup of many porcelains from that era make them valuable...These unique features are not witnessed often among the modern reproductions!

Although Record of Seals and Marks from late Qing Dynasty to the modern days is being kept and published, many of those rare and valuable are not being maintained...


A Justday

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