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A blue bowl

by Lana

Hi Peter!
I am very thankful for the help with my questions. It is not easy to see what's what in the Chinese ceramics and porcelain. Some "things" are easy to recognize, but some "things" can only an experienced man see...
Actually, I collect the pottery from 17-1800 century, from Sweden. There is also a difficult area, but the clay aged in a different way.
But sometimes I buy Chinese porcelain, when I see something that's nice and do not cost much. Good to start with, to get more experience.
Last summer I bought this dish at a garage sale. I have not managed to come up if it's China or Japan.
Do you know which country this dish comes from? Could it be the 19 century? Or is it 1950? ;-)


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Mar 03, 2012
by: peter

Hi Lana,
It is Japanese, I think. This shape cannot be Chinese. May be modern.

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