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5 1/4 pitcher

by albina
(sharon springs NY)

bottom wrtting

bottom wrtting

Bought at a garage sale is this lovely 51/4 pitcher with identification marks on the bottom. It is heavy, has a good pattern & glaze and I feel it is a good piece. Can you identify it?

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by: Snap

Thanks to Peter for clear explanation of why it can be seen that this is a late 20th-century item.

In addition, this is a cream or milk pitcher that would be part of a mass-produced tea set for export to USA or part of a mass-produced breakfast set for cereal (bowl, pitcher, underplate and possibly a sugar container) also for export. While there are some people who like just the odd cup-and-saucer left over from broken sets, or who like just the small pitchers, the pieces should be understood as being out of their larger-set contexts.

by: peter

In my view this is either Japanese or a more recent try at copying a Japanese style - made in China.
I tend to believe it is the latter. The style and decoration of this look Japanese, but the mark is wrong.
A traditional Chinese mark would have the characters written from top down, right to left. This one has it left to right, top down. In addition, the second character (top right) is used neither in Japanese nor traditional Chinese. It is a simplified character used nowadays in China; the use of simplified characters started around 1960. This seems to allow only one conclusion...

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