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Thank you
by: an

All my items ,like i said ,i washed by soap with water fro clean the black mark or old dust ,Please let me know .I can keep them for my collect
Thank you

by: peter

Again, images not showing small details, and lighting not ideal.

Generally said, this kind of decoration should be in the Yongzheng reign, but the fencai colors of that reign would not be that strong. Some features would rather point to the 2oth century.
Could be sometime later in the Qing dynasty or early republic, but could as well be more recent. I could not find this mark.

All three items you uploaded give the general impression of being "on the brink", meaning they are either excellent or simply new fakes.
You should be in a better position to check if you can do a hands-on inspection, than we are. But, my advice would be, if you are not able to come to a conclusion yourself regarding age and authenticity with a hands-on inspection, better leave such items. Items in such an excellent a state are either not old or very well kept, but they are at the very least suspicious.

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