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2 vases inquiry

by ram
(waterford, ct)

dear peter,
after searching online and realizing that i really do need the help of a specialist, i decided you were by best bet,,
i have these two pieces that ive had for a while now but i just realized they might actually be antiques
they really arent shiny and the touch of them is kind of bumpy as if the detailing was painted on.i got them from an old woman who said they were given to her as a wedding gift but for some reason she was selling them
heres the link to the pieces, the shorter one is the mark with no outer edges(not the rubber stamp)
i hope you can help me out
thanks again :)

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Mar 24, 2011
peter a little more help please
by: Anonymous

so peter which vase are you talking about?i did mention that they were two vases purchased seperately

Sorry, I see that I didn't add the lidded jar. From the decoration, especially the style of the people, the age it is about the same as the vase. However, the shape of the body and lid are not right also. The body rounding and height of the lid shows clearly that they are not old.

Mar 24, 2011
by: peter

The painting style of this vase looks like second half of the 20th century (or newer). It is not antique.
Antiques are painted in a different style. The gilt used is also not quite right.

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