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19th Century Chinese Vase?

by Andrew
(Portsmouth UK)

Hi there,
I would really appreciate it if someone could give me a few pointers as to the origin/age of this vase.

It would also be great if anyone can recognise or read the mark on the base of this 12 inch vase.

It was bought in China by a British Royal Navy Sailor. It has been said that it may be late 19th Century but we have no further clues.

Thank you for your help


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Nov 05, 2012
Chinese Vase
by: kimmykay

Is this vase for sale?
I just had a similar one that I loved broken by a friend. I paid $50 for it at an auction, but I really loved it.

Thank you.

Dec 20, 2010
A few vases...
by: Joanne

My grandma, originally from England, has a few of these vases. They were given to her grandma (early 1900's) by a neighbor. Her husband was a merchant on the British Navy ships and when they travelled to China, they would pruchase these vases.

We're trying to figure out what the bottoms say and what their stories are, as intricate detail and attention on them looks to tell a story of some sorts. I find these vases to be extremely elegant and fascinating.

If you have any information or were able to find someone who can decipher their meaning, please let me know.

Thank You.

Nov 29, 2010
by: Andrew

Thanks for your help Peter,
At least that clears up the confusion about country of origin and now we'll be able to focus the search more closely.


Nov 28, 2010
Japanese vase
by: peter

Hi Andrew,
This is a Japanese vase, definitely not Chinese. Unfortunatley, because of the handwriting I am not sure about the mark because the second character is either abbreviated, or it is in reality two characters.It could be the artisan's name.

Judging from the bottom the vase could have some age. However, I cannot help you much with Japanese vases, I'm afraid.

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