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19th Century Celadon vase?

by Tini
(Annapolis, md)

I hope someone will be able to tell me about this beautiful vase.

The vase is surrounded front and back with beautiful flowers, birds,etc. It seems very old. It has a mark but it's unclear because someone had at one time try to turn it into a lamp. There is also a Chinese character carving on it. I was told that typically the owner of the vase had carved their name on it.

Best Regards,


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Apr 13, 2011
Thank You
by: Tini

Thanks Peter and Kenny for your response!

Best regards,


Apr 12, 2011
by: peter

Hi, the bottom looks as if it had some age, but I doubt it is 19th century.
What causes doubts is the style of painting, which is realistic like western paintings. And, this is the first time I see daffodils on Chinese ceramics. Could be 20th century, in my opinion, maybe second quarter?

Apr 12, 2011
by: Kenny

Dear Tini,

The most celadon vase I've ever see there is no floral object on it, so if this a really celadon with floral object, this is very interesting and have a high value, but let us hear the comment from Peter.


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