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Comments for 18" tall famille verte vase

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by: peter

Sorry, but we do not discuss value here due to the reasons outlined in Value of Antiques.

The rings were widely imitated on later porcelain, so they cannot be used for dating.

I'm afraid the more detailed pictures open up the possibility that it is 20th century.
The painted decoration would be typical for the late Qing dynasty, but it was also common in the 20th century. However, the painting style seems to point to the post-Qing era.
My personal view.
I would need a hands-on inspection for closer evaluation. Maybe someone else can confirm or refute my findings?

by: Mike T

Hi...Could you discuss your thought process for determining the age of this vase? Also could you discuss your thoght process for determining a value for this vase? When viewing the various pictures what role do they play in your decision? Thanks for your help...

by: peter

This vase can be late Qing dynasty at the most, so not of the Kangxi period.
A couple of close up pictures showing parts of the decoration in minute detail, including the foot rim would be needed for further age evaluation.
Any pictures should be taken in daylight, perhaps near a window, to allow for natural colors.

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