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13" Chinese Ginger Jar

by Jeanne
(Lexington, KY, USA)

Ginger Jar Lid

Ginger Jar Lid

Hello again! Attached are images of my ginger jar. Can you identify its age? It has two scenes depicting everyday life and then two panels of the large red panels inbetween. It is 9" wide and 13" high to top of lid. Thank you again for your wonderful help!

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by: peter

Hello Jeanne,
I'm afraid this is the same as the previous one, age wise.

An easy way to recognize age initially, is by learning about how the eyes and faces of people (and the hair style) were painted. You can easily recognize the approximate period by the style of painting, which was different during the individual periods.
Shown here is a typical style used in the second half of the 20th century.
The way the eyes are painted in these examples is typical for a style that was introduced into Chinese painting in the 20th century. This is the same with porcelain painting or painted wooden panels, lacquer ware, etc.

This may not be related to porcelain, but if we find old wooden panels where people have such eyes, we immediately know that the panel was repainted in more recent times.

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