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For a free evaluation, please post to the public forum .

 Requesting Item Opinion

We can provide an informal opinion in private to those not wishing to post items in the public forum.
  • Opinion on age/ authenticity
  • Pre-purchase opinion  (for online or offline items)
Good if you need a second opinion before bidding or purchasing on Ebay or elsewhere.
If you wish to consult us in private regarding an item, please contribute a small amount of USD7.50 per item to the running of this site.
(USD15.00 for two items; USD22.50 for three items)

An informal opinion will provide you with a view on whether your item could be authentic and how old it may be. If there is a mark I/we will let you know about the mark content, if it is readable (although with most Chinese porcelain marks it cannot be used for dating : see “Marks” section).

If I/we cannot tell for sure what you have, based on your pictures, or if I/we are not confident enough to tell what it is, without a hands-on inspection, this will be stated in our answer.

Please note that we do not provide valuations proper. 
On request we will provide an opinion as to whether the expense of a formal appraisal or valuation might be worthwhile for your item.
  • Please be aware that I/we can only provide our view on authenticity and the age of antique items (vintage and newer items are outside this scope).
If you submit a vintage, new or fake item for evaluation, we will let you know what we think it is, but may not be able to help as to who made that specific item, or from when it exactly is.

We do not pretend to know all there is about Chinese antique porcelain. The whole range of Chinese porcelain spans more than a thousand years.
Our main field of interest is Ming and Qing dynasty porcelain; with Yuan and Song dynasty porcelain we have some limited knowledge of certain main stream kiln items only.

(There were hundreds of kilns in operation at any one time.)

We cannot help with Tang dynasty (618~907) and earlier items.


After payment you will be taken to the uploading page, where you can upload up to eight images.
Please provide images of a approx. 600-800 pixel width, respectively within 100-300 kbytes each. Alternatively you can post the pictures to an external image site (Photobucket, etc.) and just enter the appropriate link in the message, instead of uploading images.

Notice of unavailability Feb. 2018 ~

Due to current work load new item evaluations can not be accepted for the time being.
Please ask your item queries in the forum at

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